WhatsApp Marketing: Understanding and How to Use It Effectively

Posted by: Admin Mysejiran    Published at: 25/06/2022

WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows users to send messages, documents, pictures, picture and video calls for free. This application also develops WhatsApp Marketing which is intended for business people to market their products easily. Currently, the marketing strategy using social media is widely used by business people. Business people also have to be more innovative in their promotions because these applications do not sell advertising space like other social media. Here is an explanation of WhatsApp Marketing and how to use it for marketing strategies that you need to know.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is a free application for messaging using only an internet connection. This application allows users to share images, videos, audio, files, and can make video and voice calls for free. By using this application, users can cover SMS costs which are quite high. Not only that, this application also tries to innovate by developing WhatsApp Business, an application that is specifically intended for business people who want to facilitate the process of marketing their products to customers. This business WhatsApp actually has features that are not much different from the main application.

The Role of WhatsApp to Increase Business

As a business person, doing promotions is very important to increase the selling value of a product. WhatsApp Marketing turns out to have its own role in attracting customers. The following are some of WhatsApp's roles to increase business, including:

1. Capture Many Customers

WhatsApp makes it easy for customers who want to chat with sellers, either buying products or just asking questions. Businesses can also be faster and more efficient in reaching and serving customers. In addition to being closer to customers to market their products, sellers can be closer to them to sell their products. WhatsApp is the fastest way to reach and serve customers, and it also makes it easier for businesses to reach customers faster and to be more efficient and efficient in the process of reaching them and serving them.

2. Create Groups to Make Marketing Easier

One of the features in the WhatsApp application is that it can create chat groups that can be filled with up to 100 people. These groups are useful for sharing information and promotions with customers. So that businesses can stay connected with customers easily. In addition, groups can also be used for resellers who help sell products so that they are more controlled.

3. Monitoring Delivery System

Running an online business will definitely have customers spread across various regions in Indonesia or even abroad. WhatsApp can help businesses send goods only by going through the coordinates of the location sent by the customer. Businesses can also optimize operational costs by choosing the shortest route when delivering goods.

How to Effectively Do Business Using WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is one of the applications of choice that provides many benefits for business people. Of course, business people need the right strategy in marketing their products to customers. Here are some effective ways and strategies for using WhatsApp Marketing as follows.

1. Collecting Customer Contacts

The main key to marketing products through WhatsApp Marketing is to collect contacts from potential customers. These customer contacts can be obtained through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Business people can also hold product exhibitions to get contact with potential customers. Prospective customers can fill in their identity to get a conditional promo. That way, businesses can follow up to market these products. Businesses can also create groups or send broadcast messages to these customers to market their products.

2. Asking Prospective Customers to Save the Businessman's Number

If you already have a prospective customer's number, now it's the businessman's turn to ask for the number to be saved. Businesses can send broadcast messages or create groups if potential customers save their number. Broadcast messages will not enter if the potential customer does not save the number.

3. Create an Attractive Brand Persona for Yourself

WhatsApp is a social messaging app that people use to reach out to their family and friends. An important strategy to use Whatsapp marketing for your business is to promote your business by customizing and creating attractive brand personas.

This way, it will be easier for your business to engage with customers on WhatsApp. This will help in building trust and will generate profits for your business as well.

4. Offer Relevant Content to Customers

Broadcast is a feature to share messages to several people at once. This broadcast message can be in the form of information and promotion of products to be sold. Sharing this message needs to be done regularly but not every day, for example, it can be done 2 times a week.

WhatsApp already has higher user engagement than Facebook. This seems to be a great opportunity at once. But sending constant messages with irrelevant offers won't work and will annoy your target consumers.

You need to offer users great content, giveaways, freebies, etc. on relevant topics to ensure that they engage with you.

5. Interact Through Groups

Joining a group can be the first step for businesses to promote. It's good if the businessman needs to get to know the group members first so that no one feels disturbed or uncomfortable. Getting to know group members does take time, but after that, businesses can try to gradually promote their products.

Joining a group can also help businesses get new potential customers easily. Furthermore, promoting the product can be done through a private service so that other group members are not disturbed.

6. Respond to Chats Quickly

Providing real-time customer service can be expensive for small businesses and SMEs. But with WhatsApp, you and your company staff can answer every question your customers ask.

Make sure you have sufficient resources to handle customer requests and chat. Appoint a dedicated person for this and make sure performance is measured.

7. Make Promotional Sentences

A businessman also needs to know how to make a promotional sentence to attract customers. Promotional sentences must be made as attractive as possible so that potential customers are interested in buying the product being marketed.

Usually, business people use hypnotic writing techniques in the title so that it invites curiosity to open and read the message. In the message content, businesses can also use copywriting techniques to convince customers to buy the product.

8. Consistent in Promoting Products

Consistent in marketing products is very necessary to obtain abundant profits. If business people try to market it through WhatsApp, of course, consistency is the key. Businesses need to occasionally interact with potential customers by joining groups or simply sending broadcast messages to promote products.

9. Groups for Resellers

If you want to get additional income, accept resellers to resell the products that are being marketed. Business people can direct resellers in one group and then develop them to be more proficient in selling these products.

Focus on teaching reseller members to develop skills in selling their products. That way, business people can get more benefits if the reseller is an expert in selling. For reseller members themselves, it can be from customers who want to try to do business and are interested in the product.


Thus a review of the explanation and how to effectively use WhatsApp Marketing. Not just a medium to communicate, but WhatsApp can also be a place to market the products being sold.

Businesses need to prepare interesting ways to promote their products because these applications do not provide space for advertisements. So businesses need the right ways and strategies to attract customers to buy. 

Do not forget to do the books of your business. Keeping records for expenses and income in a business is something you must do so that your business is always in control and no budget and business capital is wasted.


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