Prohibited Goods and Services

  • Goods

    • Adult Sex Toy
    • Alcohol / Liquor
    • Brand new DC comic books and merchandise
    • E-book
    • Email Address
    • Foreign Registered Vehicle
    • Hacking Device or Software
    • Health Supplement for Infants
    • Mobile Phone Number and SIM Card
    • Offensive Propaganda (including items related to Politics, Religion or other sensitive issues)
    • Paintball Marker, Gun and Firearm (Real, Replica, Toy or Fake)
    • Pre-ordered Item
    • Products that go against the sales policy of any brand or company, i.e. products from Herbalife, Shaklee, Amway, TongYang Inc., STIHL, Elken, Phyto Science & USANA
    • Satellite Dish
    • Speed Trap Device
    • Spy Gadget
    • Tobacco-based products, e-cigarettes, vape devices & liquids, pod systems and all their accessories
    • Uncertified Herbal Medication
    • Unsafe slimming products (not approved by the Ministry of Health), for example Collagen Slim, Beautiful Slim Body and Figure-Up
    • Used Undergarment
  • Services

    • Black Magic Services
    • Car Pool Services
    • Counselling Services
    • Day Care or Babysitting Services
    • Domestic Help
    • Insurance or Medical Plans
    • Jobs from Overseas (except Singapore)
    • Loan and Refinancing Services
    • Looking for Agents, Dealers, Distributors, Suppliers, Joint Ventures, Business Partners and other similar ads
    • Matchmaking or Dating Services
    • Modelling Services
    • Human Trafficking
    • Personal Messages/Greetings/Announcements
    • Provision of Bank Loans
    • Get-Rich-Quick Schemes
    • Rental of Private Individuals' Vehicles
    • Reunion Events or Get-Together Gatherings
    • Single or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM, SLM, Direct Sales)
    • SMS Services
    • Tattoo Services
    • Unlock or Jailbreak Services for Gadgets
    • Wifi and Broadband Services reserves the right to update this list at any time.

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